Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Stockholders' Equity

Stockholders' Equity
6 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2019
Equity [Abstract]  
Stockholders' Equity

Note 5 - Stockholders’ Equity 


Issuances for Cash


In August 2018, MJF issued 4,115,042 Series C Preferred Units (1,099,376 shares of common stock after retroactively applying the exchange ratio) for cash consideration of $10,000,000. Following the Mergers, all the Units were converted into Akerna’s common stock.


Restricted Shares


Prior to the Mergers, MJF had in place a Profit Interest Incentive Plan (the “Profits Interest Plan”) whereby it could grant profit interest units (“PIUs”) to employees or consultants and other independent advisors of the Company. PIUs granted under the Profits Interest Plan would generally vest once a year over four years commencing on the date granted, or based on specified performance targets. MJF had the right, but not the obligation, to repurchase vested PIUs from holders upon their termination of employment. Unvested PIUs were to be forfeited upon termination of employment. If the holder was terminated for cause, as defined, all vested and unvested units would be forfeited. PIUs repurchased or canceled or forfeited by the award recipient were available for reissuance. Upon completion of the Mergers in June 2019, the non-vested PIUs were exchanged for restricted shares of common stock (“Restricted Shares”) subject to restricted stock agreements with varying vesting terms that reflect the vesting conditions applicable to PIUs of the applicable MJF equity holders at the time of the Mergers.


During the six months ended December 31, 2018, 285,324 PIUs were granted (which were exchanged for 76,239 Restricted Shares in the Mergers) and 92,500 PIUs (which would equate to 24,716 Restricted Shares after applying the exchange ratio) were forfeited.


A summary of the Company’s unvested Restricted Shares and Restricted Stock Units (“RSUs”) activity in the six months ended December 31, 2019 is presented here:

    Restricted Shares     Restricted Stock Units     Weighted Average Grant Date Fair Total  
Nonvested at July 1, 2019     215,063       -     $     11.99   215,063  
Vested     (7,347     -            11.99   (7,347
Granted     -       199,646              7.97   199,646  
Forfeited     (37,572 )     -            11.99   (37,572 )
Nonvested at December 31, 2019     170,144       199,646     $       9.82        369,790  


For the six months ended December 31, 2019, stock-based compensation expense related to the ratable amortization of the unvested Restricted Shares and RSUs was $492,650, and approximately $2.9 million of total unrecognized costs related to Restricted Shares and RSUs will be ratably recognized over an estimated weighted average remaining vesting period of 2.9 years




A summary of the status of outstanding warrants to purchase common stock at December 31, 2019 and the changes during the six months then ended, is presented in the following table:


    Shares issuable upon exercise of warrants     Weighted average exercise price     Weighted average remaining life  
Outstanding at July 1, 2019     6,183,115     $ 11.50       3.72  
Issued     -       -       -  
Exercised     (369,311 )     11.50       -  
Expired/cancelled     -       -       -  
Outstanding at December 31, 2019     5,813,804     $ 11.50       3.15  


There was no aggregate intrinsic value for the warrants outstanding as of December 31, 2019.