MJ Freeway Unveils New Software to Track Medical Marijuana Plants

GrowTracker™ gives users the ability to record each individual plant from seed to harvest.

DENVER, June 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- MJ Freeway, a Colorado-based software development company used by dispensary owners, is proud to announce an innovative way to streamline tracking of medical marijuana plants to optimize business operations.

GrowTracker™ is the first professionally built medical marijuana growth management system that combines production oversight and harvest tracking. From seed to sale, medical marijuana businesses will now be able to follow a plant's processing and progress. The software will premiere June 16, 2011 during the Deal Flow Marijuana Conference in San Francisco.

It's designed to give users the essentials – a comprehensive way to document inventory that stays up to date with current laws and regulatory requirements for medical marijuana transaction systems.

Among some of GrowTracker™'s highlights is the capability to follow a plant's entire production. Medical marijuana cultivators can customize growth schedules to better inform them when plants are ready to move to the next stage or location. The software also manifests packaging and distribution reports so businesses can show what went out the door, when and where.

Integrated with MJ Freeway's popular GramTracker™, a point of sale, inventory and patient management system, the products help dispensaries navigate the complex and rapidly growing industry. Some of the improvements include detailed ingredients lists for each batch plus enhanced inventory data and reports.

MJ Freeway is committed to legitimizing medical marijuana through software solutions, said co-founder Mark Goldfogel.

"Marijuana is a unique product," Goldfogel said. "It evaporates, falls to shake and is overweighed when sold. Many states now require seed-to-sale tracking so every plant, batch and nutrient is documented. MJ Freeway exists only to build the systems that medical marijuana businesses demand for compliance and legitimacy."

The software development also reflects the increased logistics that comes with running a medical marijuana business.

MJ Freeway client Diane Czarkowski, owner of Boulder Kind Care, said the software addresses the three most important areas for a dispensary: point of sale, patient data and vendor information.

"The reporting is specific to the areas that we need to keep track of and it will become critical once the state requires more data," Czarkowski said.

With the integration of GrowTracker™ and GramTracker™, dispensary owners in Colorado will have everything necessary to meet the current laws effective July 1, 2011. MJ Freeway meets all the requirements for seed-to-sale tracking in any of the 15 states that recognize its usage. As those laws evolve, MJ Freeway is committed to modifying the systems to meet those changes.

Established in Colorado, MJ Freeway has been featured on MSNBC and PCWorld as one of the emerging software companies providing business solutions for medical marijuana vendors. Goldfogel and two other founders built the web-based business from scratch and continue to help customers with software created exclusively for the medical marijuana industry.